Lincolnshire Churches – Building Materials

Lincolnshire churches, particularly those in the Wolds and some parts of the marsh have a wonderful texture due to the wide range of materials used. Take this wall at Theddlethorpe All Saints, it is built of materials brought from all over the region. Golden Yorkshire limestone, the cooler grey oolitic limestone brought fifty miles from Ancaster, green and brown sandstones brought from quarries twenty miles away at Spilsby and locally produced brick. Sometimes areas of walling have the remains of the roughcast that covered this patchwork in times past.

Ashby Puerorum, Lincolnshire
Ashby Puerorum, mid Wolds – Spilsby stone and handmade brick.

Calceby, Lincolnshire
Calceby, mid Wolds – chalk with dressings in Spilsby stone. The chalk was cut from the wolds itself and was a very cheap and very friable building material. This was a poor parish.

Hawerby, Lincolnshire
Hawerby, northern Wolds – chalk and ironstone.

Burwell, Lincolnshire
Burwell, mid Wolds – Spilsby stone with limestone dressings and brick repairs.

Walesby, Lincolnshire
Walesby, northern Wolds – ironstone.

Haugh, Lincolnshire
Haugh, mid Wolds – chalk with Spilsby stone and brick repair.

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