Wodshawe and Twygge

Buckland, Gloucestershire

As well as the glorious vestment fragments posted previously, Buckland in Gloucestershire has a number of panels of medieval stained glass. The east window has three panels from a Seven Sacrament window of the late fifteenth century, including this panel of Ordination and one of Confirmation (see below)

On stylistic grounds, Professor Richard Marks has concluded that these panels are the product of a workshop headed by Richard Twygge and Thomas Wodshawe. Their workshop was probably in Great Malvern and was operating from the 1470s right through until the early years of the sixteenth century. Wodshawe and Twygge were responsible for glass in many high status buildings across the Midlands. They were involved in the glazing of Great Malvern priory and are mentioned in the glazing accounts of Tattershall College in Lincolnshire. At the latter they were responsible for windows depicting the Works of Mercy and a second depicting the Seven Sacraments.

If you place Gordon Plumb’s image of Confirmation from the surviving glass at Tattershall beside the Buckland panel it clearly demonstrates the stylistic similarities between the glass there and at Buckland. Although I feel that the Tattershall panel is a much more sophisticated piece.

Buckland, Gloucestershire

Tattershall, Lincs, I, 2a, Confirmation

Further Reading

R. C. Marks, The Stained Glass of the Collegiate Church of the Holy Trinity, Tattershall (Lincs.) (New York and London, 1984)

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