The funeral of Our Lady

Photo by Eric HardyStanton St John, Oxfordshire, originally uploaded by Vitrearum.This panel of late thirteenth century glass at Stanton St John is Oxfordshire is interesting iconographically. It shows an episode from the life of Our Lady, as recorded in the fiftth century apocryphal text 'Transitu Beatae Mariae', which is generally thought to have been writtent... Continue Reading →

Font cover at Ewelme, Oxfordshire

Ewelme, Oxfordshire, originally uploaded by Vitrearum.The Bodley and Garner font cover at Brant Broughton reminded me to post a picture of the towering font cover at Ewelme in Gloucestershire. A delicate piece of design, it is comprised of diminishing tiers of tabernacling, topped with a lovely little figure of St Michael. Like most of its... Continue Reading →

‘ymage of death’ roundel

Stanford on Avon, nII, A1, Henry Williams and his 'ymage of deth' roundel, copyright gordonplumb.I couldn't resist posting this lovely image from Gordon Plumb's photostream. It is worth posting on two counts, because of its interesting iconography, but also because of its value in terms of historiography. So often with medieval stained glass you either have... Continue Reading →

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