South Elkington

South Elkington, Lincolnshire, originally uploaded by Vitrearum.

I am very grateful to Fr Anthony Symondson for solving the puzzle of Bernard Smith (see comment on the previous post). If I had picked up my copy of his work on Sir Ninian Comper, the answer was there waiting for me. It would seem that H. A. Bernard Smith and his firm of ateliers were responsible for the execution of a lot of Comper’s work and my hunch about Bodley was right too – he was a pupil of Bodley and Garner.

I’m going to take a short break from the blog for a few weeks. Prayers please for my wife who is due to give birth to our third child any day now. Allan

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  1. Hope that the delivery has gone well. Best wishes.Are the blotchy faces a “camera flash” reaction, or the result of pigment change as the picture aged? Thought at first it was the result of over-zealous cleaning, but then noticed that it isn’t present on the face of the dead Christ, so presumably it’s a pinkish highlight colour.


  2. Do you know anything about the illustrator and writer Clare Dawson ? [Heavenward Bound, Loving and giving, St Thomas Aquinas for children ],lovely anglo-Catholic works, derived from, maybe a pupil of Martin Travers. Any information gratefully received. Thank you.Alan Robinson.


  3. Hello from scotland. what a wonderfully interesting blog! i am fascinated by art history, architecture etc but especially by medieval art, symbolism and iconography. i am off to place you on my bloglist. *ruthie*


  4. Blessing on your wife and the expected child. I hope that you will announce it’s birth. As a father myself, I still think there is nothing so wonderful as a baby. May your quiver be full of them.


  5. I was hoping by this time that you would have resumed posting, perhaps with a picture of the latest child as a possible model for a baby Jesus figure.I know babies are important and the care of the wife even more so, but we would like to see the very good work you do on this blog resumed. We would at least appreciate a message that all is well with mother and child – as well as yourself.


  6. I found something which I think you might find interesting. It was from Bamberg on the New Liturgical Movement blog. It shows real medieval vestments, those of the pope, Clement II. it a look see and then compare to the very early 19th century version of medieval vestments.Also, do you know about the vestment from the chapel of Queen Elizabeth I given to the French ambassador who arranged the marriage of Prince Charles to Henrietta Maria? It is in a French museum having been used in the private chapel of the family for quite some time. I will attempt to find the name and place of the museum.


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