Apologies for my absence

When I last posted on this blog on 19 March I said that I would be absent from the blog for a few weeks. Those few weeks have very quickly turned into nearly three months. I do apologise for my long absence and for not moderating comments. Life has been very hectic over the last few months, what with the birth of Harriet, various hospital trips with my eldest daughter and the business of parish life. A few people have emailed to ask where I’ve been and to ask that I start posting again. Many thanks for this prodding and rest assured posting will re-start over the summer.

Could ask you to keep me in your prayers over the next three weeks. On Sunday July the fifth I will be ordained priest in Lincoln Cathedral. I will celebrate mass for the first time on the same day at St Michael and All Angels in Louth. The lovely image of Our Lady I’ve posted above is in the Lady chapel at St Michael’s. The mass is as 5pm and any local readers would be more than welcome to come along if you can make it.

If anyone would like me to send them a physical Ember card please email me. There is a lovely panel of fifteenth century glass on the reverse of it, which I’m not going to post on the web!

Ember card

7 thoughts on “Apologies for my absence

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  1. Congratulations, Allan, on the birth of your daughter and on your upcoming ordination! My first child was born a week or so after my ordination, and the whole thing is a blur in my memory. My advice to you is to pay attention and take lots of pictures. Many thanks for your excellent blog work. Peace and all good, Mark.


  2. Congratulations on the successful (I assume) delivery of Harriet and I hope her growth and your ordination both prove to be a source of happiness to you and joy to others.


  3. Simply terribly pleased to have you back and I will pray for you on the day of your ordination. Unfortunately the time difference will be you will be ordained before my prayers but you will be in my office intentions before the octave of same. I only wish I could be there for the event and for your first celebration. I love the cathedral of Lincoln and have celebrated there myself.


  4. Alan, I thank you for the physical card(s) and you'll be in my prayers.You have been missed here, but it's entirely understandable!


  5. OK, it has been long enough to recover from the trama of being priested. How about photographs of your ordination and your first Eucharist? Those of us who because of time and distance were unable to make it to the services, still, I am sure, prayed very hard for you and yours and the new work and life upon which you are entering, have now entered would really appreciate a photo or two.


  6. Allen, I had hoped that by now we would have pictures of your ordination and first mass.And I, especially I, miss your wonderful posts of English medieval art.I know a new priest has much to do but please be kind.


  7. Thank you for your kind words and for your prayers and support. I value them greatly and am encouraged that you and others enjoy the blog so much. I am currently on leave from parish duties in Louth and I don't feel comfortable at this point posting pictures of the ordination and first mass. If you would like to see some photos there are one of two images on Gordon Plumb's Flickr page. http://www.flickr.com/photos/22274117@N08/page8/ Please be patient with the tardiness of the blogging, posts will resume soon.


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