Coates by Stow – a few more photos.

St Edith's, Coates, Lincolnshire

This view of the church from the south was taken by Tudor Barlow. The simple two-cell plan is evident, the south door with its zigzag ornament revealing that the church is essentially Norman. Notice also the tiny little two-light window that illuminates the rood stair.

Coates by Stow, Lincolnshire

There are one or two fragments of medieval glass in the side windows of nave and chancel, including this shield of Hansard held by a disembodied hand and small figures of St Mary Magdalene and St John the Evangelist.

Coates by Stow, Lincolnshire

Coates by Stow, Lincolnshire

There are one or two rather nice monuments in the chancel too, mostly commemorating the Butler family. Among them this rather poignant brass commemorating William Butler and his wife Elizabeth and their only child baby Priscilla. Priscilla is show wrapped in swaddling clothes. William died in 1590 at the age of 26.

Coates by Stow, Lincolnshire 11

Coates by Stow, Lincolnshire 12

Lastly I noticed that Gordon Plumb had this detail of the loft decoration, a carved vine. This part of the screen is a Victorian copy of the medieval original, but it demonstrates the quality of the medieval original.

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  1. The restoration of the church was carried out in 1883-4 by J. L. Pearson (Truro Cathedral etc) who also restored Stow Church. The remains of the painted rood on the tympanum, though slight, are worth a mention.


  2. Thanks Mark. Indeed so, it was an extremely senstiive restoration by Pearson, who had already developed quite a portfolio of work in the area, including as you say the restoration of Stow Minster (twenty five years earlier) and the construction of the stock brick mission church of St Hugh at Sturton. Where I celebrated the Eucharist this morning. The remains of the painted rood are mentioned on my other article on Coates:


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