Every blessing

Great Kimble, Buckinghamshire

to all blog readers. May the light and peace of Christ be with you all this Christmas. Thank you for all your support this year.


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  1. Blessings on you and your family this Christmas – and thank you for your superb photos and commentary.


  2. I may very well be wrong, but I am going to assume this window is by Comper. If so, where is it?And a welcome to Davis d'Ambly who I would be more than happy to keep fully employed if I were ever to win the great American lottery. Beautiful work.


  3. Are there any English churches which still follow the old Prayer Book rites/English Use ceremonial/English Hymnal music ? I was reading the history of St Mary's,Primrose Hill which became more gloriously Sarum after Dearmer's time, but was quickly updated and westward facing and new rite ;all very sad. Alan Robinson


  4. More survives at Primrose Hill than might appear at the first glance, and at least we still have the full Dearmerite BCP High Mass for our Patronal. I suspect it would be hard to find anywhere more English these days!


  5. St Cyprian's, Clarence Gate, London, has returned to being vaguely Sarum these days. The tabernacle, crucifix and six candlesticks were removed by faculty from the high altar fairly recently. But I am not certain if the ceremonial has also been Sarumised. Whatever happens, it is inconsistent as they use reformed Anglican rites rather than the Prayer Book, still less the Sarum Missal.Do they still wear apparelled albs and amices at St John the Divine, Kennington? Apart from cathedrals, where they are still sometimes worn, I think that effectively the Sarum Use is now defunct. A contributory factor was the cost of laundry. Linen cannot be put though a washing machine without avoiding back-breaking ironing.


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