Christmas Blessings

May I wish all readers of this blog my good wishes and God's blesing this Christmas. Allan I saw a fair mayden sytten and sing.She lulled a lyttel childe, a sweete Lording.Lullay myn lyking, my dere sonne, my sweeting.Lullay my dere herte, myn own dere derling.That same Lord is he that made alle thing;Of alle lordis he is... Continue Reading →


Snarford 3, originally uploaded by Vitrearum (Allan Barton).This is such a striking image, one of the panels of the fifteenth century font at the remote church at Snarford in Lincolnshire. A full frontal head of Christ entirely fills one panel of the octaganonal font.  This image probably derives from the popular late image known as the 'Vernicle'.... Continue Reading →

‘and the chauncels shall remain …

Snarford, Lincolnshire, originally uploaded by Vitrearum (Allan Barton).as they have done in tymes past', so states the rubric before Morning Prayer in the 1559 Book of Common Prayer. At Snarford in Lincolnshire, Sir Thomas St Pol, seems to have made a very specific statement as to how he wanted the chancel of his parish church... Continue Reading →

Painted coffin

In the late 1960s and early 70s the central tower of York Minster was in danger of collapse and a vast programme of repairs was initiated to prevent it.  In a remarkable feat of engineering, the tower, which was built upon the foundations of early buildings including the Roman legionary headquarters, was underpinned.  As part of this work... Continue Reading →

Medieval polychromy

I can't resist posting these images of the fifteenth century arch braced ceiling at Holy Trinity in Blythburgh in Suffolk.   The whole surface of the ceiling is covered in delicate polychromy, with stencilled monograms and stylised foliage forms.  The colour and gilding, rather muted now in its faded state, would once have added a gloriously rich covering to... Continue Reading →

Missale ad Usum Insignis Ecclesie Sarisburiensis.

Here are a number of details from a Sarum Missal printed in Paris by William Merlin in 1555.  This is just one of a large number of Sarum missals that were printed in Paris during the reign of Mary I, for export to England as part of the re-equipping of English parish churches following the Edwardine iconoclasm.  It seems... Continue Reading →

A remarkable survival

South Cerney Christ, originally uploaded by Aidan McRae Thomson.This beautiful Romanesque polychromed head and foot, is all that remains of a rood dating from c.1130. The fragments were found in 1913 walled up behind the respond of a nave arcade at South Cerney in Gloucestershire. Sadly the rest of the figure perished, but originally the... Continue Reading →

Some news of recent work at Windrush in Gloucestershire

I was pleased to receive the following photographs from Fr David Ackerman, rector of Windrush in Gloucestershire.  It is worth repeating Fr Ackerman's message in full:   "I thought you might be interested in seeing the attached gable cross which was dedicated on Easter Day. It was made by Rory Young, and was in part inspired by Saxon... Continue Reading →

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