Kempe (?) (no in fact a WalterTapper) altar frontal at Grantham

Click through for high resolution photosI took these photos in the summer on a trip to St Wulfram's Grantham, Lincolnshire with Gordon Plumb, but have only just got round to uploading them to Flickr. They show details of a really splendid altar frontal on the lady chapel altar. It has a backing of blue silk... Continue Reading →

Hailes, Gloucestershire – post-Reformation liturgical arrangements

I'm very grateful to Roger Mortimer for his fascinating comment on Elizabethan table carpets, which he has posted on my Buckland vestments article. In his post he mentioned in passing the Elizabethan liturgical arrangements, that until the mid twentieth century, were still extant at Hailes church in Gloucestershire.This is a view of the west end... Continue Reading →

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