Southwark Cathedral Lent array

As a contrast to Tapper's work at Westminster here are some pictures of Sir Ninian Comper's Lenten array in Southwark Cathedral, photographed by SarumSleuth.  Comper's array is near contemporary with that at Westminster and was added to the cathedral in the late 1920s and early 1930s.  The high altar array (above) differs from much other array in it's use... Continue Reading →

Article on Trinity College chalice

Can I recommend this excellent and fascinating article to you, published in the report of Trinity College Oxford and starting on page 83. Written by Fr Matthew Rushton, it's a fascinating account of the college chalice and paten, presented to the college by its founder Thomas Pope in 1556. The chalice and paten, which dates from... Continue Reading →

The Lent array

in Westminster Abbey.  The high altar at Westminster has a glorious set of Lenten array dating from the 1920s and 30s.  The frontal and dossal, decorated with ox blood red stencilling, were first introduced in 1921. The blue stencilled hangings covering the rest of the altar screen were added in 1935.  Both were designed by Sir... Continue Reading →

It’s that time of year again, time to put up the Lenten array!

The Lenten array at All Saints, Cuddesdon in Oxfordshire, all three altars draped in unbleached linen with blood red decoration.  The stencilled shields containing instruments of the Passion, are from the Lenten array frontal at St Mary's Primrose Hill, Hampstead.  The photos rom SarumSleuth's Flickr page, who has a fantastic folder on Flickr with numerous pictures of Lenten array from the length and... Continue Reading →

More on Stow

In my last post I excused my absence from blogging, I've been quite busy in the parish over the last few weeks. I've been particularly occupied with arrangements for the solemn Eucharist for Candlemas that was held in the glorious surroundings of Stow Minster.  I've been putting off posting about Stow Minster, but having given you... Continue Reading →

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