Charity Boards

This post is entirely off topic, you couldn't you argue that these objects are medieval or medieval revival, but their uniqueness makes them worthy of inclusion.  For St Lawrence's in Bardney in Lincolnshire has two remarkable seventeenth century painted charity boards, which commemorate the generosity of parishioners in the alleviation of poverty.  The sixteenth and seventeenth... Continue Reading →

Lady Margaret – errr who?

Incised slab - Torksey, Lincolnshire, originally uploaded by Vitrearum (Allan Barton).After saying mass on the altar at Torksey, I removed the frontal to take some photos of the fascinating object it covers. The front of the stone altar at Torksey is formed from a fifteenth century incised slab. The centre of the slab has a... Continue Reading →

Window splays

Silchester, Hampshire, St. Mary's Church 15, originally uploaded by Eric Hardy.Browsing on friends photos on Flickr I came across this lovely image of the south side of the chancel at Silchester in Hampshire by Eric Hardy. The splays of the windows are decorated with a red ochre masonry and rosettes, part of a 14th century scheme... Continue Reading →

Christ’s feet.

Newark, St Mary Magdalene, sII, 2e, The Ascension, originally uploaded by gordonplumb.This panel of early fifteenth century glass is at Newark parish church in Nottinghamshire and is from Gordon Plumb's photostream. It is representative of late medieval images of the Ascension of Christ, his feet dangling from a cloud. Do click through to Gordon's image and... Continue Reading →


There are a group of churches in north Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, that have a arcades of c.1340, with pillars topped with fascinating capitals.  Each capital is decorated with four crouching demi figures, some with interlocking arms.  The two above, decorated with demi figures of male and female civilians, are at Hanwell in north Oxfordshire.The example above, with four men in... Continue Reading →

Lenten Array … one that got away

Fairford Gloucestershire, originally uploaded by Vitrearum (Allan Barton).I fully intended to post this photograph during Lent. The Lady altar in the Tame chapel at Fairford in Gloucestershire has a reredos of 1913 by Geoffrey Webb, covered during Lent with Lenten Array. The reredos veil is decorated with a central rood group in grisaille with Oxblood... Continue Reading →

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