Christ’s feet.

This panel of early fifteenth century glass is at Newark parish church in Nottinghamshire and is from Gordon Plumb’s photostream. It is representative of late medieval images of the Ascension of Christ, his feet dangling from a cloud. Do click through to Gordon’s image and have a look at his commentary on the photo, where he talks about the art historical development of this type of Ascension image of the ‘disappearing Christ’.

You may also like to have a look at a previous article I wrote on on the glazing of East Harling in Norfolk, as there is a comparable image of the Ascension.

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  1. Lovely – and rare (intact panels of mediaeval stained glass in England). Was always intrigued by bas-relief in a side chapel in Wells Cathedral, representing the same subject and of almost-identical composition (the date is a bit later, tho' still 15th cent). Thank you for the intro. + link to more info on the stylistic subject.


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