Skelton stiff leaf

Skelton, North Riding of Yorkshire

Shortly after writing my recent post on stiff-leaf and posting a photo of the stiff leaf on the doorway at Skelton St Giles near York, I came across the following article.

The weathered south door of this excellent and complete Early English building, has been restored by a York firm called Lanstone and they have one a prize for the work in the York Design Awards.  Here is a detail of the door as it was prior to restoration:

Skelton, North Riding of Yorkshire

And here is the door after restoration:

What an excellent job they’ve done if it.  There are further photos here.

2 thoughts on “Skelton stiff leaf

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  1. To be honest in my opinion it looks like a rather invasive intervention. I'm more keen on simply consolidating the original structure rather than replacing it.. At this point one risks to create an historical faux.


  2. Where do you draw the line? The condition of this door was such that it was rather beyond any sort of consolidation. It needed replacing before the structural integrity was compromised entirely. It is a historical faux, but if you were to replace it with something else what might that be? A modern doorway, in a building that is among the most complete Early Englsh buildings in the country? If it helps the doorway was partly a Victorian replica already.


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