Snarford 3, originally uploaded by Vitrearum (Allan Barton).This is such a striking image, one of the panels of the fifteenth century font at the remote church at Snarford in Lincolnshire. A full frontal head of Christ entirely fills one panel of the octaganonal font.  This image probably derives from the popular late image known as the 'Vernicle'.... Continue Reading →

‘and the chauncels shall remain …

Snarford, Lincolnshire, originally uploaded by Vitrearum (Allan Barton).as they have done in tymes past', so states the rubric before Morning Prayer in the 1559 Book of Common Prayer. At Snarford in Lincolnshire, Sir Thomas St Pol, seems to have made a very specific statement as to how he wanted the chancel of his parish church... Continue Reading →

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