Gospel lecterns

Lectern at Cropredy, OxfordshireQuite a number of medieval lecterns survive in English parish churches. Many of the surviving examples are fifteenth or early sixteenth century and are made of brass (latten). They take the form (as shown in the examples below from Cropredy in Oxfordshire and Croft in Lincolnshire) of an eagle of with its... Continue Reading →

‘Christopher ought not to forget’

The west tower of Aughton church on the banks of the river Derwent in the East Riding of Yorkshire, has an armorial panel on its southern face that incorporates a rather curious inscription in Old French. 'Christofer le second filz de Robert Ask chr oblier ne doy, Ao Di 1536'.   Samuel Pegge the antiquarian, writing for the Gentleman's Magazine in 1754, under... Continue Reading →

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