Farewell to the Blog

This blog (which is fifteen years old) has been neglected for quite a while, primarily as I have been busy doing lots of other things. It is my intention to leave it that way and no longer continue to blog here. I find the WordPress format increasingly clunky, less than satisfactory, and user-friendly and from a design and presentation point of view, it is no longer the creative outlet that it once was. WordPress also very helpfully places emails people try to send me in my SPAM folder.

If you have enjoyed my Blog output over the years, you can still find my content elsewhere.

Firstly, on my YouTube channel where I upload new content on all the same subjects each week.

Secondly, through the short courses I offer through Teachable. I currently have an introductory course on stained glass available, with others in preparation.

Thirdly, the newly launched magazine The Antiquary, which is just as copiously illustrated as this Blog has been, but has the added advantage of giving me much more creative control over the end result. There is also the satisfaction of producing something in this digital age that is less than simply ephemeral – although there is a digital download version for those who prefer it.

Thank you for all the support over the years – it has been really fun and I look forward to engaging with you elsewhere on the internet.

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