Welcome to the Medieval Art, I’m glad you found your way here.  I started this site as a blog back in 2008, eleven years ago.   I have blogged here in fits and starts, fits when life has got busy, starts when life is less so.  Initially, the blog was intended to do two things.  Firstly having just completed a PhD in History of Art, it was a way of keeping me writing and thinking about the things that I was interested in.  Secondly, it was means of making sense and ordering the thousands of images I was amassing of England’s medieval churches.  At first, the posts were pretty brief, but as time has gone on they have become more in-depth.   Now I see the blog as doing a couple of things.  It is a way for me to share the wonderful examples of medieval art and architecture, I have had the privilege to see and to photograph across the country.  It’s also a place where I share my passion, the things that I’m thinking about, the things that fascinate me intellectually and the things that attract me aesthetically and emotionally.  As you will see these are primarily from the Middle Ages, but also from the Gothic Revival, they are things general, but also things obscure.   Increasingly this blog is also a place where I formulate ideas and concepts, a place of exploration, that feeds into my on-going and more in-depth research.  Think of the articles as a work in progress, rather than the last word on the things I write about.  I do hope you enjoy your visit here and if you enjoy what you have seen and read, I hope that you will consider sharing it with others.

Allan Barton FSA

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  1. I stumbled upon your site when researching Norfolk’s medieval stained glass angels. There’s a lot of interesting well researched information here. Thank you. I’ve been ‘collecting’ Norfolk’s medieval details, the photos of which can be found on my website.


  2. Off to Suffolk at the end of June for a much needed holiday. Looking forward to visiting this church! Thank you.


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