The Wymondham Burse

It was excellent to see an article this month on the website of Wymondham Abbey about this extraordinary object within their collection.This is a medieval burse, or Corporas case.   The burse is a piece of liturgical equipment, consisting of two hinged pieces of stiffened fabric.  They were used in the Middle Ages to store... Continue Reading →

The hanging pyx – some manuscript images

The following article is a follow on from my previous articles on the hanging pyx and sacramental reservation in late medieval Europe.  You will find the first of these articles, which introduces the concept here.  There are a number of secondary articles on the Blog about the mechanism of the hanging pyx, on a silver... Continue Reading →

The Bristol pyx case

 // medieval object in the photograph above no longer exists.  It belonged to the church of St Peter in Bristol, which was sadly blitzed in the Second World War and object perished.   As you can see it's a circular box with a slightly domed lid, that is rather ill-fitting.  The box itself has been... Continue Reading →

The Dennington hanging pyx

// of this blog over the years will be well aware of how much I love idiosyncratic details from medieval church buildings, particularly when they shed some light on the way that church buildings were used.  In the past I have blogged about an important bit of kit that most medieval churches had, the hanging... Continue Reading →

The Image of Pity – the Wellingham rood screen.

Wellingham is a remote little hamlet in the middle of Norfolk to the south of Fakenham.  It's church, heavily rebuilt in 1896 is rather undistinguished, but it contains a great treasure.  The dado of a rood screen from the 1530s.   Rather interestingly the screen is inscribed and precisely dated. The inscription on the upper... Continue Reading →

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