Friday indulgence – Medieval Polychromy

It’s Friday we can indulge ourselves with a visual treat.  The late fifteenth century nave roof at Salle in Norfolk has an extraordinary amount of its original medieval polychromy.  Much of the work is a powdering of standard motifs, the IHS, crowned MR’s (Maria Regina) for Our Lady – but there are lots of gorgeous tendrils of foliage between.   Then a fabulous series of bosses, angels and grotesque heads.  Of course the colours have softened down over the years, but the effect of the colouring is still striking.  

Salle, Norfolk

Salle, Norfolk

Salle, Norfolk

Salle, Norfolk

Salle, Norfolk

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  1. I think its a combination of the two, judging by my own experience, the letters appear stencilled, and these would be applied first to keep the scale – but the ” scroll work” can be done by hand once you have the “rhythm going” on a design like this. (love your blog.)


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