Gordon Plumb’s photography

I want to draw your attention to the Flickr photostream of the Revd Gordon Plumb. http://www.flickr.com/photos/22274117@N08/
Gordon is associated, as I am, with the Corpus Vitreareum Medii Aevi (CVMA), the International project to catalogue the remaing medieval glass of Europe. http://www.cvma.ac.uk. He is one of the key photographers in Britain for this project and his work has appeared in all the recent volumes the project has published. Stained glass is extremely difficult to photograph, but Gordon is a master of his craft, his work, both in digital and film media, is undertaken with extreme skill. His work is underpinned with a great feel for the medium and a vast iconographical and technical knowledge of stained glass. All in all his photostream is well worth spending some time with. Below are some highlights to give you a flavour of his work.

Madley, Nativity of the BVM, I, 2b, Detail of head

Lincoln Cathedral, North Choir aisle, East window, panel 3a

Winchester College, Chapel, Thurburn's Chantry, west window,  Christ child at Virgin's breast

Doddiscombsleigh, Devon, nII, 2a, Matrimony

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  1. Two breast-feeding mothers in five scans of mediaeval glass is not bad going. I am familiar with Mr. Plumb’s work from CVMA but had somehow missed his Flickr page. Many thanks for fixing this gap in my knowledge.


  2. AllanYou are very kind! Your words are appreciated the more coming, as they do, from someone so knowledgeable alike about photography, medieval art and stained glass. Thanks for them – and for this site.Gordon


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